Any SQL, in one line

That's because QuickSQLConnector is a python library that lets you execute MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite queries with just one line of code. Reducing 80% lines of code and get more done!

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Rapid Development
Rapid Development

It is compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Offering rapid development.


It works efficiently with Python and will support additional languages in the future.

Open Source
Open Source

This project is open source, and developers are encouraged to improve it.

Without quicksqlconnector

Lots of lines for just a query.

Developers are struggling to execute a query and what if you need to execute another query somewhere else? That's a lot of code to rewrite again. You don't have to do this!!

Initialize once, run anywhere with one line

You've been using SQL databases for years, but what if you could make your queries so simple and efficient? With QuickSQLConnector, you can—and it's all done in the same syntax with all databases. More Examples

with quicksqlconnector
pip install quicksqlconnector

Install using PIP

Copy pip install quicksqlconnector and run into your terminal to get started. See full documentation. We're encouraging developers to join and contribute. Pull a request or open an issue

Got Quieres?

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